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  1. Rebecka

    Fiji J Hunter pearls Savusavu

    kelluvpearls, what an experience! I've put "visit J Hunter pearl farm" on my things to do before I die list ;) Absolutely lovely pearls, thanks for sharing :)
  2. Rebecka

    My latest pearls

    The octobaby is cute, but oh my god am I jealous of your purple pearls- looks absolutely gorgeous around your neck :)
  3. Rebecka

    Royalty Collection Freshadama Pearl and Diamond Earrings

    Gorgeous! Where's the earshoots? ;)
  4. Rebecka

    What did you score for Mother's Day?

    cyndayco, that's such a pretty necklace. Look forward to a neck shot :) ckrickett, I love the colour and lustre! Red, gorgeous!
  5. Rebecka

    Oh my, check out this rope!

    Another one drooling over here. Wow!
  6. Rebecka

    New Hoops!

    They look lovely on you!
  7. Rebecka

    The Camellia collection south sea pearl ring

    That is absolutely stunning! And it looks gorgeous on you.
  8. Rebecka


    That's very interesting. Thanks for sharing :)
  9. Rebecka

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    ckrickett, ooh they are lovely! Your neck must have loved you for adorning it with these lovely ripples!
  10. Rebecka

    Paging GemGeek

    It sounds like you made a good decision. I hope you find eyris pearls that make your heart jump when you make that trip to NZ.
  11. Rebecka

    Show us your tin cup pearls

    Ckrickett, it's lovely to have something custom made, it makes it extra special. Hisano is truly talented. Newberry, oh how exciting! When are you expecting your new tin cup (please read: when can we see your new tin cup)? SunSeeker, please post a photo! :) Funkypearls, they look great on...
  12. Rebecka

    PP April Baroque Akoya

    I can't stop smiling! Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing these photos. I especially like the white & blue strands with your pink shirt, lovely combination :)
  13. Rebecka

    Lost a mabe on one earring

    George, I appreciate that you checked :) Maybe my mum will end up buying completely new mabe earrings, but it is nice to be able to present her with options.
  14. Rebecka


    Jeremy, it didn't even cross my mind that it'd be a different type of pearl, I just thought it may have been dyed. I feel sorry for both the goldsmith and the customer (although they will probably never find out). It's a reputable goldsmith, so I believe that it'd be an honest mistake on her...
  15. Rebecka

    Lost a mabe on one earring

    Thanks for your advice! Mum is on a vacation, but when she gets back I will let her know her options. It seems to me that she has three options that may work for her: * get a different coloured mabe for the 18k setting where the pearl is missing * remove the mabe on the other earring, and get...
  16. Rebecka


    Thanks starsinthesea :) Here is a photo of the ring from AG/AU goldsmiths:
  17. Rebecka

    Lost a mabe on one earring

    My mum lost a mabe on one of her earrings, and she'd really like to mend it. I took the pair of earrings to a goldsmith who often works with pearls in order to get an approximate of how much it'd cost (since neither mum or I have any idea). However the goldsmith was unable to even give me an...
  18. Rebecka


    Can a south sea pearl be naturally pink? Or when a south sea pearl is pink, does that mean that it has been dyed? I saw a photo of a carved pink south sea pearl ring today.
  19. Rebecka

    Pearl necklace bought 40 years ago

    Lucky daughter-in-law :)