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  1. Simply adorned

    need help with double strand

    Love your necklace Linda, well done. I like the balance of the larger and small pearls, looking good with your dress too!
  2. Simply adorned

    Ruckus 2019

    Excellent decision! And well received by everyone too! Enjoy your vacation together, I am just back from mine and know how important that time is to be together to reconnect and relax. Maybe I will be able to make it (finally) in 2020 :)
  3. Simply adorned

    365 Days of Pearls

    Incredible peacock necklace BN, I agree with CathyKeshi...definitely the description of peacocks and the lustre, wow! Loving the ring too, I don’t think I had seen photos before of yours and Jeg’s rings, both very beautiful. I love rings and have never worn one on a middle or index finger...
  4. Simply adorned

    Andrew's Photography & Pearls

    Fabulous photos! Fabulous pearls! Very much looking forward to learning more about the process :)
  5. Simply adorned

    Starting over in making my tahitian strand

    When I thread a needle to sew or for knotting, I...well now that I am about to write it out, it just sounds weird, i moisten with my lips �� And your necklace is beautiful Abi!
  6. Simply adorned

    Is this real pearls?

    Nice to have a memories from vacations. But I say, take pictures for your memories and purchase other pearls. They are poor quality with a high price.
  7. Simply adorned

    365 Days of Pearls

    Wow, beautiful Akoyas and look fabulous with the earrings! I have to look at the photos a few times, the pearls show pink on the paper and less pink/white on your skin - either way they look great!
  8. Simply adorned

    Is this real pearls?

    I agree with Pearl Dreams!
  9. Simply adorned

    Circled pearl pendants

    I wear my circle Tahitian pearl trio on leather, no clasp - very comfortable, casual and easy. And I am in the middle age category :rolleyes:
  10. Simply adorned

    Show Me Your Fancy Color Metallic Freshwater Pearls!!

    SydK your necklace is gorgeous and looks lovely on you! Thank you Fiona :o I think your necklace looks better in person, the colours look a bit washed out in my photos! Enjoy my friend :) SydK - the necklace is about 43” endless rope.
  11. Simply adorned

    Starting over in making my tahitian strand

    Abi, your new pearls are gorgeous! Enjoy!
  12. Simply adorned

    Andrew's Photography & Pearls

    Beautiful! Looking forward to more photos too :)
  13. Simply adorned

    J Hunter Pearls: Ocean, People, Culture.

    Fabulous read, beautiful photos...amazing pearls!
  14. Simply adorned

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Looks like they were worth the wait Luvglitz! Gorgeous pearls, love the neck shot photos.
  15. Simply adorned

    New goodies! GSSP & blue akoya studs from Kathy!

    Beautiful pearls, perfect size!
  16. Simply adorned

    Tucson show 2019 who s going ?

    Wish I was....maybe next year!
  17. Simply adorned

    parfaitelumiere natural pearl collection

    Your pearls are lovely and I am very impressed with your clasp collection, very beautiful indeed!
  18. Simply adorned

    My pearls

    I was thinking as I looked at the first photos that I didn’t see green, but then wow, when you added the very golden strand, it really clarified the difference. All the pearls are lovely, enjoy! Weather’s cold (-10) and clear here on the Canadian east coast. Sunrise this morning
  19. Simply adorned

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    I agree, though I don’t comment often, this is a fabulous thread of lovely people wearing beautiful pearls beautifully! And cannot go without mentioning the outfits! I try to look nice in my lab coat, it’s just not the same ��
  20. Simply adorned

    Is this a Pearl?

    I see the shell of a mullosk :)