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    Hong Kong Anyone?

    This is fascinating to read. Thank you all for your updates.
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    @jeg, your nuggety golden SS necklace is probably my favorite of all the fabulous necklaces you own. It's organic yet elegant.
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    How to find legit pearl appraiser

    Just a bit of caution about homeowner's insurance and jewelry. Many policies require jewelry riders (additional insurance), so you should check your policy to see if your jewelry is covered. It may not be. Also, remember the person selling you the jewelry has a motivation to provide an...
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    100 yr pearls

    Any markings on the clasp to indicate if it's 14K and 18K gold? It's a lovely clasp and necklace.
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    Purple fade

    Lagoon Island Pearls, thank you for your take on the fade. Very interesting. Perhaps it's the natural purple pearls that are fading before the (potentially) color treated pearls? And you seemed to have hit on a solution...somehow stablizing the purple color post harvest.
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    Purple fade

    Wow...that is some fade! Thank you for the information, @pearlesence. How ironic that Bweaves and I both received our purple CFWP pendants on the same day that the information on the GIA report and your first hand experience was posted. I purchased the purple CFWP necklace about six months...
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    Black Friday 2021

    ...And here's the Kojima necklace I will wear it with... (I tried and tried to take my own photos of both but they are just a blurry, colorless mess. I find pearls so hard to photograph.)
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    Black Friday 2021

    Great minds think alike, BWeaves! I did the exact same thing...bought the purple pendant I had been eyeing for months at Kojima. It arrived today and it's more beautiful than I expected. Here's Kojima's photo of the pendant... ​​​​​​​
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    I haven't been able to get past @jeg's gold nugget necklace. Absolutely one of my favorites. It just gleams!
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    Faceted Tahitian pearls?

    Oh, those are beautiful, but pricy.: $3785 for one Tahitian on a necklace.
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    Notable Notes from Pearls that have made History

    $36 million!!!! I can't fathom how wealthy someone would be to pay that for a piece of jewelry, however rare and historical it is. Thanks, Douglas. This is fun reading.
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Eolian pearls, your Tahitian Love necklace is beautiful. You did a great job of combining and stringing your gorgeous pearls. Jeg, more lovely colorful. SydK, what yummy ripples and what a lovely smile!
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!! are going to have a gorgeous necklace, eolian pearls! Did you make your floating necklace? It's a beautiful pearl. Jeg, I always look forward to your posts. Your combinations of pearls and clothing are inspiring, and your pearls drool-worthy. Charlotta, I had the same error...
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    My first, very simple Tahitian and leather necklaces. So easy, so fun to make. Leatheroo cord and CMW pearls. Camera didn’t pick up the colors well... first necklace has blue T’s; second has lovely olive green pearls.
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    Pearls on leather

    It worked, Douglas! Thank you!
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    Pearls on leather

    I’ve been having fun making very simple Tahitian pearl and leather necklaces. Most will be gifts. I love how leather can really show off the beauty of one or a few T’s. Leather is from Leatheroo (thanks, Pattye) and pearls from CMW. Well, I can’t upload the photo; got the same message that...
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    The secret of Empress Josephine's pearl necklace

    Here is another article about the necklace and the auction. Interestingly, the portrait that Douglas posted is being offered in the same lot as the necklace.
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Beautiful combination, Jeg. You (and so many others here on the forum) have such a knack of combining and layering pearls!
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    A new bespoke beauty!

    Beautiful, and it looks lovely on your hand. But you may outshine the bride with that ring!
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    My pearls

    Charlotta Your leather and pearl creations are beautiful and so unique (as is all the jewelry you make). And Baartil is the sweetest soft goat I've ever seen. How lucky he is to have his own pearl necklace.