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  1. JerseyPearl

    3mm purple clam pearl

    While small, that is a gorgeous color pearl!
  2. JerseyPearl

    How Do I Restring a Half and Half Strand?

    You guys are amazing! I love the color switch...but you know, I'd want the opposites to attract. So the green pearls would have pink thread and the pink pearls green thread.
  3. JerseyPearl

    Pearl Luster: The Quality Factor Behind a $1.5 Million Price Tag with Pearl Paradise

    Really excellent presentation! Luster is so important when selecting pearls. The Pearls as One course really does a wonderful job of presenting the luster profiles for each type of pearl. If you haven't taken the course, you should! Thanks Jeremy and Jordan for your in depth explanations.
  4. JerseyPearl

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Gorgeous pearls and outfits everyone!! It never ceases to amaze me how pearls come alive against skin. While the glamour shots are beautiful for sure, the personality of the pearls comes out when worn.
  5. JerseyPearl

    Removing tarnish from rondelles

    They also have a spray version.
  6. JerseyPearl

    Video of Pearl Knotting with no Tools

    Thank you Pattye, this is a wonderful video. I am on the no glue team, as I use a thread zapper with your wonderful threads. If using silk (not my preference, but some clients want it), then glue is necessary.
  7. JerseyPearl

    Removing tarnish from rondelles

    I am a huge fan of BKF...I live at the shore and it's the only thing that takes the salt off my windows without damage. A little bit goes a very long way
  8. JerseyPearl

    My First Knotting Attempt

    Very nicely done!
  9. JerseyPearl

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    This tin cup was featured in a CPAA photo shoot. I love seeing it "in the wild" Those tiny golden south sea pearls were a very rare find, I wish I could find more in that depth of color, but they have been elusive.
  10. JerseyPearl

    Removing tarnish from rondelles

    I'm not sure, but if you test it on glass, I would recommend using a very small amount on something that you are going to recycle.
  11. JerseyPearl

    Removing tarnish from rondelles

    Please do not use Tarn-x on any type of stone! It is a very strong acidic solution that will etch a stone like beryl. It contains sulfamic acid, as well as a host of other toxic ingredients. Instead, give them a good bath in a dish of warm water with a drop or two of Dawn dish liquid. If the...
  12. JerseyPearl

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    I love Sea of Cortez mabes...your collection is wonderful!
  13. JerseyPearl

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Love all the looks! Jen, your wardrobe is also a treat to see.;)
  14. JerseyPearl

    Help! I broke my ring.

    This!!! Absolutely a wonderful suggestion.
  15. JerseyPearl

    Help! I broke my ring.

    The epoxy you ordered will work well! Just remember, a little bit goes a very long way. You don't want to slather it all over the place. When I mix epoxy, I typically use a tooth pick and a 3x5 index card. Draw to circles side by side (you can use a nickel to trace) and fill each side with one...
  16. JerseyPearl

    Help needed

    Mother Nature always knows best.
  17. JerseyPearl

    men and pearls

    Both photos you show have the pearls knotted on thread using gimp around the last links on either side. I think that will give the smoothest transition from the chain to the pearls. If you use silicone beading thread, you will need to have drill holes large enough to hide the knots on the ends...
  18. JerseyPearl

    Keshi south sea pearls - opinions?

    Your keshi hearts are lovely! Jeremy, I saw a vendor with one of those heart south sea pearls last Tuscon, although I don't recall who it was. I was tempted to make a floating heart pearl necklace with it...but it was pricey and I wasn't sure if it was really a GSSP as I didn't know there was a...
  19. JerseyPearl

    How Do You Store Your Pearls? Show Us!

    What a beautiful display case! Functional and pleasing to the eye!