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    Thoughts on these estate sale Mikimotos?

    Thank you both! I appreciate the validation about the small size, I know it’s not the norm for women of my age group to go so small but I also know stature, demeanor, style, and preference matter! I think most on this forum will ultimately agree that people should wear what they like. I...
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    Thoughts on these estate sale Mikimotos?

    Hello! I’m not a regular here but lurk a lot and love pearls! Hoping to get some opinions on my estate sale Mikimotos. My mom attended the sale a couple of weeks ago and found these. She knows I love pearls so she sent me a few poor quality phone pictures; I just got a promotion at work and...
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    Baroque Drop Earrings

    Thank you! I figured they were freshwater - I love them, they’re a good daily pair for me. They may not be anything super special but for $10 I think I did ok. �� Adding an ear shot for fun!
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    Baroque Drop Earrings

    Wondering what kind of pearls I bought at the thrift store this morning. They are on gold wires (I can just barely make out 585 stamped on them). They are really pretty! Quarter for scale.
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    Now that is a rose overtone!

    I finally decided to upgrade my 6.5-7mm AAA freshwater strand to a gem grade strand. I chose a gem grade 16” 7.5-8mm strand and asked them in the notes to choose me a strand with rose overtones. Oh man, they delivered! It’s so hard to capture colors on a cell phone but I tried. The last...
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    Black Friday Lavender and Metallic Peach from PP

    Hi guys, I don’t post much but I do lurk a lot. I wanted to post pics of my freshwater Black Friday Pearl Paradise buys. I got a 6.5-7mm metallic silver peach strand and a 6-6.5mm lavender strand. The white pearls are my previously owned 6.5-7mm white strand with rose overtones. Quality is AAA...