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  1. Tucs

    A Year of Pearls in the Life of a Pre-K Teacher:

    This has been a great thread to follow, thank you BAS for the dedication!
  2. Tucs

    Hot Air Balloon

    Gorgeous, Purranha!
  3. Tucs

    Meet my new Squidlet!

    Aww beautiful, fun pendant! What a way to
  4. Tucs

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Kalmen, that is one gorgeous strand, beautiful, lustrous colours!
  5. Tucs

    Big Honking Pearls

    Thanks Baby Nurse and Purranha. Yes, that dress is calling for the giants...
  6. Tucs

    Tahitian Color Graduated Rope

    Exquisitely beautiful, Baby nurse! Gorgeous palette!
  7. Tucs

    Big Honking Pearls

    Thanks Baby nurse! OK here's a shot of the full dress, please forgive my vanity!
  8. Tucs

    Big Honking Pearls

    Thanks, Purranha! It's a long silk dress I've had for a while -- I'm thinking of wearing it to a wedding in a couple of months, and I wanted to try it with the giants. It's draped above the waist and then it has ruffles all down to the feet.
  9. Tucs

    Big Honking Pearls

    Here my giant FWPs again.
  10. Tucs

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Thank you for the kind words MSC, JP and Newberry! Sheri that is beautiful, perfect for the little babies!
  11. Tucs

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Thanks hanadama, ckrickett, lmgarden and kelluvpearl! It's funny, these look rather dull on me in the winter, but in the summer with even the slightest sun tan they pop on my skin tone.
  12. Tucs

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    My silver-blue keshi.
  13. Tucs

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Hanadama and ckrickett, those pendants are gorgeous! which makes me think I do not own enough pendants... ha. Baby nurse those Tahitians are dreamy! Do you have a favourite Tahitian strand, or are they like your babies...?
  14. Tucs

    Big Honking Pearls

    Icy, your WSSs just glow on your skin. That said, the giants look great on you on their own... which is how you will wear them, not next to your WSSs. It's not exactly a fair comparison given the price difference (how much more roughly? I would imagine at least 5x). I was amazed at the luster of...
  15. Tucs

    First SSP

    Lovely, MSC! I love it with that necklace.
  16. Tucs

    Ombre triple-strand baroque necklace

  17. Tucs

    Queen Elizabeth's Pearls

    Nice reading. I think I have read somewhere else all her pearls are natural. I certainly don't expect her to have to worry about nacre thinness! The jewelry at the Tower of London is jaw dropping -- it was my mother's highlight in her visit to London when I was living there. Beware, they have a...
  18. Tucs

    Ombre pearl ideas

    Bailey1856 also made a beautiful ombre Tahitian strand, maybe you can look for it.
  19. Tucs

    Dark circled strand and single 14mm blue

    Beautiful, greenbling!
  20. Tucs

    Help with tie-bar (?) style clasp?

    Agree with Cathy, lovely and so versatile!