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  1. pearlharbourer

    Show us your Black Friday Purchases!

    I was disappointed compared to last year's PP sale when I bought two stunning regular and longer length Tahitian tin cup necklaces at great prices in white and rose gold. I hoped to find more interesting tin cup designs this year but the sale has only regular styles, unless I missed out on...
  2. pearlharbourer

    Recommendations for South Sea Pearl pendants - Australia

    My first SS pendant came from Rutherford years ago. Unfortunately I have found their customer service a bit "uppity" recently and since discovering the variety and affordable prices of the online pearl world I wouldn't return to bricks and mortar retailers again. Unless I had a lot of money to...
  3. pearlharbourer

    Buyer and Seller Responsibilities Regarding Shipping

    I'm a consumer and I wouldn't trust the ordinary mail system, nor would I rely on a seller or PayPal to help me out if something went missing. So I always pay for Fed Ex or insurance and tracking, particularly when the item is from overseas. It's better to pay for extra coverage and not use...
  4. pearlharbourer

    Ebay Chinese Pearl Buying Adventure

    I've never tried to buy pearls from eBay but some years ago I was a regular buyer of branded clothing from the US (it was a lot cheaper than in Australia) but I became tired of being overcharged on shipping (some sellers called it "self-insurance") and a few times I received and returned items...
  5. pearlharbourer

    WE WON! Who wants to go to Fiji? :)

    Hello Jeremy, thanks for the generous offer for Pearl Guide Forum members. Please add "pearlharbourer" to your list. Thanks again for this great opportunity.
  6. pearlharbourer

    Fireball Show & Tell

    Hi BAS, yes, it would be great to have width and length measurements for both pearls when you get the chance. Thanks for the offer. Actually, when I say "width" I mean how wide the spherical parts of the pearls are.
  7. pearlharbourer

    Fireball Show & Tell

    BAS, what a great collection you have! I like your most spectacular fireball the best, but I can see how it might be unsuitable for everyday wear if you're running around a lot. How big is this one, as well as your "goddess" pendant? The "goddess" looks good for daily wear. And can you...
  8. pearlharbourer

    Fireball Show & Tell

    Bump... I have been admiring everyone's lovely fireballs and I'm considering buying one myself as a big pendant. What colours, shapes and sizes are the most versatile? I would like it to be bigger than 16-17mm, because this is the size of my current biggest pendant, a WSS baroque circle drop...
  9. pearlharbourer

    Lovely WSS

    What size are they? And are they buttons? They do look lovely. On a related WSS note, did anyone buy from PP's October WSS sale? I assumed it was less popular than recent monthly sales because I hadn't seen any threads about people's purchases.
  10. pearlharbourer

    Golden South Sea Pearls at Pearl Paradise

    Does anyone know what the next PP monthly special will be? The GSS all looked very lovely, but a strand would have been out of my price range unfortunately!
  11. pearlharbourer

    Golden South Sea Pearls at Pearl Paradise

    Amazing gold pearls. My only disappointment is no September "Connoisseur" sale which I've heard so much about from previous years!
  12. pearlharbourer

    Best pearl size for a basic tin cup necklace?

    Thanks everyone for posting your tin cup photos, it will help me make a more informed choice when I decide on what I would like to get made.
  13. pearlharbourer

    Best pearl size for a basic tin cup necklace?

    Thanks for the suggestion. What if I had five or seven matching pearls at the front and sides of the necklace, but none at the back of the neck? Would this help keep the necklace better positioned, or not as well as a pendant pearl in the centre?
  14. pearlharbourer

    Best pearl size for a basic tin cup necklace?

    This necklace in the 1996 Rene Russo/Kevin Costner movie "Tin Cup" started the trend:
  15. pearlharbourer

    Best pearl size for a basic tin cup necklace?

    I hope to get a basic tin cup made one day, maybe with an odd number of pearls like 7, on an 18-inch chain. What is the recommended size range for the pearls? I would like rounds, off-rounds, drops or baroques, or a mixture of these shapes, as long as each pearl complemented one another...
  16. pearlharbourer

    Why are Tiffany & Co keshi pearls so expensive?

    I would feel ripped off buying pearls from Tiffany's! Even if I had just won the lotto.
  17. pearlharbourer

    Metal for GSSP

    I have a GSS pendant set in a yellow 18k gold fitting (cap and bail, no stones) and wear it on a yellow 9k gold chain. The pearl is a light gold colour.
  18. pearlharbourer

    Scratching/banging pearls

    Thanks all for your suggestions on how I should get my pearl done to minimise wear and tear. I've decided to get it looped onto a chain with gold fittings on each end (externally, rings and internally, jump rings - all soldered together) to help protect the drill holes and allow the pearl to...
  19. pearlharbourer

    Scratching/banging pearls

    How would this Paspaley "Palais" design be achieved, with metal bits poking in at each drill hole or a metal tube the full length of the hole?
  20. pearlharbourer

    Scratching/banging pearls

    Is there a better or preferred type of chain to allow a pearl to move along it most freely, with least wear to the pearl? I'm considering an oval belcher. The sparkly diamond cut chain didn't appeal to me, nor did the finer ones. I think putting something on each end of the drill holes...