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    Here's another, but this time I honestly have no idea. Tahitian or not?

    This is the best highjack -ever- for a thread ! This necklace is breath taking. I just can't believe the beauty (and quantity) of those pearls, enhanced by Hisano's beauty. This might be too personal, but my second thought was : "I hope Caitlin had a chance to see it ...." Anyway to tag this...
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    Strangely beautiful old non-nacreous pearl.

    Hi Helen, I'm pretty sure you pendant is an otolith. From a rather large fish i'd say. My dad was a spear fisher, and I used to collect them when I was a child. (Lots of...
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    Traveling Pearls

    Oh, i recall this view... " there is nothing sadder in life than being blind in Granada.’ Beautiful pearls too!
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    Natural Pearls/which type of xray? Bonhams asked for it

    I'm so sorry for your mum lemanmls. I would be very mad too if I were to find out that a family heirloom was not what it was sold for. It must feel to her like a huge betrayal of her family. At least, she does not have to pay $2000 to find out the bad news that the necklace is not natural., but...
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    Opinion: 24G v 26G for Wire Wrapped Pearl Necklace

    It's beautiful Andrea ! Are those the pipi pearls you drilled yourself ? I think I recall a thread where you discussed pearl drilling tools. This is going to be quite a necklace, and those pearls are not so petites !
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    Pricey pair !

    The only thing I can think of : money laundering !
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    Natural pearls

    Hello Namiko, What I like most about pearls is actually the stories that go with them, real or imagined and in your case both the pearls and stories are fascinating ! And you are right to say that there are many plausible scenario / stories. So much fun to investigate and learn along the way...
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    Natural pearls

    I too am looking forward for macro photos (candling). Full disclosure, i saw nothing that indicated natural in the daylight pictures, and my thinking was along the line of an extremely nice akoya strand. The size info is helpful as I initially thought they were larger. It shows I still have a...
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    P. sterna v Pipi

    I love this picture Andrea ! This green shirt has quite THE badge on it. Very classy with the celebration earrings and the pipi necklace ! Love the smile ! Those wolves are going to be very impressed !
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    Have I finally found my natural seed pearls ?

    Thank you all for the compliments ! As Purranah said in another thread, there no such thing as too much pearls ! I was not going for a particular look / matching, I just went by the way they make me feel (the more pearls, the best I feel :cool:) Found the glamour shot Dave had send me. My set is...
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    Have I finally found my natural seed pearls ?

    Upload of a picture with my 2 strands, and new natural pearl earrings (my christmas to myself). I think the earrings are 4.5 mm. (They look bigger with the strands :)
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    Looking for natural pearls.

    Hello favi, Welcome from a fellow natural pearls lover! Here are a few more links for you to peruse: Enjoy ! For pipi pearls: croissy natural pearl on facebook (ask to be a friend if you can't see that post) For natural california...
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    Have I finally found my natural seed pearls ?

    Yes, yes, yes. I got the hint ! Need to organize a photoshoot to give them justice. They are my everyday pearls, and saying that I'm delighted is an understatement. They simply give me joy. Here is an indoor, poor lighting photo in the meantime.
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    Have I finally found my natural seed pearls ?

    Pictures of a natural pearls "ruckus" are flashing in front of my eyes ! I will come and see your pearls Dave.
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    Have I finally found my natural seed pearls ?

    Oh Helen ! What a collection ! How marvellous that you managed to rescue those beauties ! Of course, they all "present" ;) as natural, and clearly you have both experience and an eye for pearls. It's too late for me tonight, but I really want to continue this conversation. My little strand...
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    Have I finally found my natural seed pearls ?

    hello Helen, Please do post pictures of your seed pearls strands, it would be great to have "reference" thread on this type of pearls/ strands for education. i have taken new pictures of the broken pearl today, and will post shortly. Best, Sophie
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    P. sterna v Pipi

    I remember this conversation very clearly and I'm THRILLED for you. I had goose bumps when I read your post!
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    Please Help!!!!!!

    Oh this is a serious attack you have ! Here is what I do during a pearlitis attack. I pick my favorite pearl , a magnifying glass, bach cello suite in my earphone, and i just gaze at the pearl, focusing on each amazing little details. And then I do the same with my least favorite pearl of the...
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    P. sterna v Pipi

    You are a coyote and red wolf biologist now ! Congratulations Andrea! This is awesome ! Et those earings are epic !
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    Have I finally found my natural seed pearls ?

    Hello everybody, I'm back finally, and it is such a pleasure to look at the pictures and kind comments you posted. Thank you for sharing! The strands of Patty and Caitlin are beautiful. I believe mine has much smaller pearls, but they are so interesting! I got them last week and as the sun was...