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  1. jshepherd

    ID help please

    Your first strand is an older, off-round akoya. The pearls have thick nacre. The second strand looks like a nice strand of akoya. The last strand is an older, peeling strand of akoya. Some of the pearls are baroque, and many of them show the bead through the nacre.
  2. jshepherd

    Chinese Actress Ni Ni knocks out Robert Wan Pearl Auction

    A famous Chinese actress/influencer created a Tahitian pearl buying frenzy in Hong Kong last week, unlike anything I've seen in my 2+ decades of pearl buying. Chinese actress Ni Ni, best known for her role in the 2011 film Flowers of War, went on a Pearl-Wearing social media tour while promoting...
  3. jshepherd

    Unusual Pearl Earring

    It looks like there is a knot at the top and bottom, but no knots between the small freshwaters. It may be secured with some epoxy or glue. It's quite simple, but very cool looking.
  4. jshepherd

    Hong Kong September 2023

    Thank you! We didn't hand-carry anything with us. It all comes in next week!
  5. jshepherd

    Hong Kong September 2023

    We just made it home! What an adventure!
  6. jshepherd

    Pearl Auction

    Here is Autore's schedule. You would need to get an invitation from Autore Pearls. Kobe, Japan: Wednesday, 11 October to Friday, 13 October 2023. Hong Kong, China: Monday, 16 October to Tuesday, 17 October 2023. Shenzhen, China: Sunday, 22 October to Tuesday, 24 October 2023.
  7. jshepherd

    Pearl Auction

    One is happening today. The auctions are invitation-only, so if you're a qualified buyer, you'll need to request one. 23 – 24 September 2023 The 103rd Paspaley Pearl Auction
  8. jshepherd

    Hong Kong September 2023

    We had a little meet up at Asia World Expo today - @pearlescence, Betty Sue King and Jacques Branellec.
  9. jshepherd

    Hong Kong September 2023

    We're having a blast here! We ran into Wendy @pearlescence yesterday.
  10. jshepherd

    Inherited Graduated Pearls

    They could be Mikimotos. At the time, Mikimoto was the largest producer in Japan. I don't have a lot of experience with vintage Mikimoto boxes, but the ones I've seen are stamped on the inside of the cover. There should be a hallmark on the clasp if it is a Mikimoto and the original clasp with...
  11. jshepherd

    Help Identifying Pearls Please

    You have an older strand of akoya pearls, most likely from Japan.
  12. jshepherd

    Inherited Graduated Pearls

    You've got a double strand of vintage Japanese akoya pearls. The graduated style was very popular after the war, as GIs brought a lot of them home. Most were single, 3.5 momme strands. This strand might have been two singles at one time as it's been individually knotted throughout. Most of the...
  13. jshepherd

    How do you clean and/or polish freshwater pearls?

    Pearls are typically tumbled in a larger version of this, and this would work well too, but you need to have the chips to polish them. We use hydrogen peroxide to clean out soufflé pearls, but I don't know how well that would work to clean out crevices.
  14. jshepherd

    Sellers Regret

    I agree! You got a remarkable deal on that strand. The price you sold them for is fair, so you did really well. The strand does have a nice clasp. I've seen clasps like this before, so it's not too unusual.
  15. jshepherd

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    I love Andy Müller's ropes!
  16. jshepherd

    GIA adds hanadama-quality comment

    This has been a topic of discussion with the board of the CPAA for the past couple of weeks. There are some mixed feelings. I called a friend of mine at GIA who I assumed was part of this update as she was the one primarily responsible for the recent classification report. We spoke in length...
  17. jshepherd

    Greenhills Mall Pearl Appraisal Results

    The best pearl markets I've found have been in China. There is a great one in Beijing - the Hongqiao Market. I haven't been there in about 20 years, but this is where I bought the first strand of pearls that launched Pearl Paradise in the 1990s. There is one in Shanghai as well - The Hongqiao...
  18. jshepherd

    What Kind of Pearls are These?

    These appear to be older imitation pearls.
  19. jshepherd

    Jewelmer puts spotlight on sustainable pearl jewelry | New Day

    This just appeared in my feed - a great Jewelmer interview with Marion Brannelec de Guzman.
  20. jshepherd

    Greenhills Mall Pearl Appraisal Results

    There aren't any pearl markets like Greenhills in Hong Kong. There are a few markets where pearls are sold, but you'd have to go into mainland China to get to those sorts of markets. The shows in Hong Kong are restricted to wholesale buyers. If you're able to get into the show, then yes, you'll...