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  1. Abi

    sample sale purchases

    They look fabulous Seoulite. I didn't know S. Korea isn't big about pearls, I actually might be moving there at the end of the year! I guess, the closest huge gem show would be in Hong Kong then.
  2. Abi

    south sea siopao

    I'm with PD, hearing the word Siopao relating to Pearls is unfamiliar as well. It looks like this is something coined in the PI as far as I searched online. It looks to be more of button freshwater pearls. Please post pictures!
  3. Abi

    New Chinese Ripple Look A-Like Kasumi Pearls

    Thank you for your input about the picture, your expertise is always appreciated. I think I shall hold off for now, the strand I posted are from a different vendor I've never bought before, so I am reluctant.
  4. Abi

    New Chinese Ripple Look A-Like Kasumi Pearls

    Bweaves: This is what was in details: 10-12mm baroque pearl strand,natural color,42cm(18') This pearl necklace is very beautiful in color, ---------------------------------------------------- Pearl shape:baroque pearl Pearl size:10-12mm Pearl color:natural color(as the picture) Pearl...
  5. Abi

    New Chinese Ripple Look A-Like Kasumi Pearls

    Question: Are these considered Kasumi-like pearls? I never really been into ripples/Kasumi, but this caught my eye and I was wondering what category this goes into :).
  6. Abi

    Share your Pearl Paradise Private Launch Purchases!

    I was having the same issue! Blank for me as well :(.
  7. Abi

    Sea of Cortez pearl ring (my first pearl purchase)

    Beautiful pearl and ring setting! Wonderful first pearl purchase! Thank you for sharing!
  8. Abi

    Pearls found in moms Jewelry box

    Welcome Markus to Pearl Guide! As you're learning here, you'll learn how majority of the Pearl's in the world are cultured. Doesn't make them any less special or real, but as some of the senior experts commented these are believed to be cultured pearls. Your mom have a collection that looks...
  9. Abi

    Ruckus 2019

    That's understandable Jeremy, Ruckus 2020 will be what I look forward to! Happy traveling!!
  10. Abi

    Show Me Your Fancy Color Metallic Freshwater Pearls!!

    Seoulite: Maybe you can re-string it so it'll be lighter and keeping only your favorite pearls on it :). Which vendor did you get it from?
  11. Abi

    What strand do y'all think this is?

    After looking at these new pictures, I'm starting to feel a little foolish... they're starting to look more imitation to me..
  12. Abi

    What strand do y'all think this is?

    Here are more of the pictures, they said this is the best they could take of the hole, and they took some pictures of the blemishes.i never owned imitation pearls so I don't really know their nature.
  13. Abi

    What strand do y'all think this is?

    Lol yes my dearest Pattye, not a very strong color. My mom has wanted a palest gold south sea pearl and this came upon my suggestions. I prefer darker gold, but she seems to be fond of a more paler kind. I went ahead and also asked them if they could take a picture of some of the blemishes on...
  14. Abi

    What strand do y'all think this is?

    Would imitations have blemishes similar to a regular pearl? I noticed some dents... I'm going to ask for the drill hole then and see if they respond. This is actually the only pearl thing they are selling. They mostly sell handmade jewelry made either of gold filled or 14/18k gold.
  15. Abi

    What strand do y'all think this is?

    here are some more pictures...
  16. Abi

    What strand do y'all think this is?

    This was posted as gssp. Do y'allthink its GSSP, or really really really nicely dyed freshwaters? Any ideas?
  17. Abi

    GSS set, aka, "There's no such thing as a free lunch":

    I think I remember seeing that strand on Instagram and feeling awed by it. Knowing you got it BAS, I feel so happy knowing I could see it here.
  18. Abi

    Metallic Edison Peal Smash for Those Who Enjoy a Good Pearl Smash

    This is a perfect post for pearl guide! Thank you for sharing :)
  19. Abi

    Blue Necklace Complete

    What Vibrant colors Cathy! Lovely.
  20. Abi

    where /how to keep all the earrings?

    That's what I do with my pearl earrings! I think putting something like a cotton ball inside it is a good idea though. I may try that.