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  1. pearl guide

    A new bespoke beauty!

    Wow! That is a stunning ring! I love the blue topaz with the pearl!
  2. pearl guide


    Those are different flaws and wouldn't preclude the pearls from export. Now I have to find one to post a photo. It might not be until the next trip though.
  3. pearl guide

    Nautilus pearl

    Natural's posts have been moved to a new thread "Various Natural Pearls" as they are off the Nautilus topic and deserve their own page. https://www.pearl-guide.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8174
  4. pearl guide

    Le Vian Chocolate Pearl Trademark Issue

    Letter from the Cultured Pearl Association of America Dear Members, It has come to our attention that a trademark has been filed to claim the name "Chocolate Pearls". (Please scroll down and read application) This could affect many of us in a very adverse way. Forward to our office your...
  5. pearl guide

    The 2013-2014 International Pearl Design Contest (IPDC)

    The Cultured Pearl Association of America announces major enhancement to the 2013-2014 International Pearl Design Contest (IPDC) Providence, RI ?July 17, 2013 Peter Bazar, President of the Cultured Pearl Association of America, Inc. proudly announces that this year's winner of the IPDC's...
  6. pearl guide

    Newbie and need opinions

    It is false and complete made up, which is why that one website is the only place on the Internet that you will find that information. The "forum" there has no members and every post is written by the same person. Easy proof: http://www.mikimoto.com.hk/en/about_jewel/pearls/ Further reading...
  7. pearl guide

    I purchased an $800 pearl necklace... and now I'm not so sure!!

    Unfortunate. They stole from you and lied to you. Even your $200 replacement value is extraordinarily high retail for what you have. You really were dealing with crooks.
  8. pearl guide

    Akoya Pearl Necklace

    Joy de Mer = http://www.chinapearl-usa.com/ That's the only thing I know about them. Maybe someone has experience here?
  9. pearl guide

    Fresh aloha pearls?

    There is no such thing. The sellers are simply trying to defraud the buyers.
  10. pearl guide

    Are these AA quality tahitians?

    That white you are seeing is not the nucleus. Sometimes you'll see light colors within a deeper blemish. If you were to get to the nucleus it would be a smooth porcelanic surface.
  11. pearl guide

    Atrina rigina, or stiff pen shell, pearl farming

    It happens because the first two posts get moderated and sometimes people think the post didn't go through.
  12. pearl guide

    Help determining value

    Please try attaching the image once again. The only thing we could see was a broken link.
  13. pearl guide

    The Cultured Pearl Association International Pearl Design Competition 2012-2013

    Dear Jeweler, Do you have an affinity for pearls? Do you custom-design jewelry? Are you an aspiring artist? Are you mentoring new talent? The Cultured Pearl Association International Pearl Design Competition 2012-2013 We invite you to enter our 3rd annual design contest, where your self...
  14. pearl guide

    Pls help reassure someone that this is tahitian

    It's on the About Us Page. https://www.pearl-guide.com/about-us.shtml
  15. pearl guide

    Pls help reassure someone that this is tahitian

    World’s Only Open Pearl Discussion Forum Pearl-Guide.com exists for the benefit of consumers and the trade. With the world’s only interactive pearl discussion forum, there is always something for everyone. The unique benefit of the Pearl-Guide forum is the open discussion. Nothing is off...
  16. pearl guide

    Mixing Colors and Quality

    Yes, shill does mean spammer. We recognize that your review wasn't unbiased and that you have a connection to this company. Simply the fact that you have the word "pearls" in your email address shows that you have a connection to the pearl business. This forum is a board of pearl experts, pearl...
  17. pearl guide

    What are these ebay pearls?

    This guy sounds like quite a character. Good job Caitlin. You were well within your rights to call his auction fraudulent. Selling Chinese freshwater pearls as South Sea pearls is fraudulent. No matter what the guy says, I believe the chances are close to ZERO that he did not know what he was...
  18. pearl guide

    Can anyone please explain this?

    No doubt. Look at the other auctions. It is loaded with fw described as natural color black akoya, South Sea, etc. The seller is a fraud. To your question, yes, too good to be true. It's not possible to buy the lowest commercial grade 7.5-8 mm akoya strand at even close to that price from...
  19. pearl guide

    Your thoughts on these pearls?

    Freshwater? Beautiful luster and orient. It looks like part of the french wire is sticking out by the clasp though. Either that or something is attached to it.
  20. pearl guide

    The New Tahitian Pearl DVD

    Jeremy is on his honeymoon right now, but I believe the link at the beginning of the thread is still working.