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Search results

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    vintage mikimoto earrings

    They don't look like akoya, are they SSP?
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    Are these south sea pearls?

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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    :o:o:o Yes those are beautiful earrings. Luxuriant in design. I love them very much.
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    South sea pearl earrings in 18K gold & diamond My friend‘s wedding gift.
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Akoya pearl earrings
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    Need your expertise - Great find or fake?

    That's looks like stone not pearl......
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    Ideas for restyling these very small but glowy rice krispies?

    So cute necklace, but I think its too hard to drilled the hole to strand them....
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    Vintage bracelet—Akoya or freshwater?

    It seems akoya, bright luster than freshwater pearl.
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    mikimoto pearl necklaces

    I've never seen a clasp like that......
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    136" baroque akoya rope

    So beautiful pearl necklace & earrings.
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    Does "Japanese grey akoya pearl"="Madama"?

    Does "Japanese grey akoya pearl"="Madama"? I'm not sure how to distinguish grey akoya pearl & Madama. Does madama can be dyed? Or they must be natural color? A dealer said the deep strand is grey pearl, light-color strand is madama. Is she right?
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    New to GSS Buying

    I’m curious about the price(USD $1.3K). Dose it include in a finished pearl earrings or just a pair of loose pearl? If the pearl earrings mounted on 18K gold & diamond. May be it is a reasonable price. But if only loose pearls. I personally think that is too high price...
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    New Tahitian Strand

    really beautiful color:p
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    New multicolor tahitian necklace

    wow these pearls have very nice luster.
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    New to GSS Buying

    Oh my god!!!!!! But the left side seems not very round? And no blemishing on pearl surface, very clean surface with high luster, mirror bright. They are really gorgeous GSS!!! But I think the price is toooooo high. I know many vendors sell GSS, but they price approximately USD $1K.....
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    Real pearl ring, yellow colour

    nice pearl ring. They are beautiful:D
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    Ssp? And should I restring right away?

    Can anybody tell me what dose SSP means?
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    Do you guys love baroque pearls or round pearls?

    Hi everyone, I have a question. Do you guys love baroque pearls or round pearls? I saw many people posted some photos about pearl jewelry. More about baroque pearls.
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    south sea siopao

    Freshwater pearl is much cheaper than saltwater pearl. They are probability freshwater pearl,not south sea pearl. Most of south sea pearls diameter in 8-18mm.