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Recent content by multichrome

  1. multichrome

    Pearls looking more beautiful when worn regularly?

    Douglas, I realized that I still have some photos of them “before,” with a white background and taken in indirect light. For once, keeping way too many photos on my tablet is a plus!
  2. multichrome

    Just added “Pearls: A Natural History” to my book collection

    The book came in the mail last week. I got it from a used book dealer through Amazon, and it’s in beautiful, near mint condition. It was a library copy, and it looks to me as though it never left the library. The clear library covering of the dust jacket is still on, so that is the glare in the...
  3. multichrome

    Pearls looking more beautiful when worn regularly?

    I would like to bump this thread, because I’m still interested in the phenomenon of pearls being enhanced by frequent wearing. I noticed this effect again with a Tahitian bracelet that I’ve been wearing for several days now. I just realized that I have photos of it “before” so I guess I can take...
  4. multichrome

    “Pearl” nail polish—hot item for the season?

    It’s called Perle Blanche. It really looks more opaline to me, but that doesn’t keep me from coveting it. It’s very pretty. Luckily for my budget. it’s sold out everywhere (as far as I can tell). For this crowd, things Pearl are always in season, I know! :love: Do any of you have a nail polish...
  5. multichrome

    A little vintage stick pin with a pearl

    I found and purchased another wishbone pin right before this one. There’s nothing mysterious about it at all, but I love it. From the seller’s photos I made a guess that the seed pearls in it were real. The clue was that they didn’t have the same overtones. When the pin arrived, I tested them...
  6. multichrome

    Beading Merries and Mishaps by Cece

    So for a long time I’ve been wanting to make a big pearl ring with wire. Today I finally experimented with a new pearl and gold-colored wire, and I’m very happy with the result. I try not to use precious metal wire on the first try, and I’ll redo this with gold-filled wire soon. I absolutely...
  7. multichrome

    A little vintage stick pin with a pearl

    Thank you for your observations, Douglas! Also, I think many of us here would watch a show called “Pearl Detective”! Do you have any idea where this little pearl came from yet? I can’t really do any more detection until tomorrow. I’d like to remove the pearl from the mount, but it is very...
  8. multichrome

    A little vintage stick pin with a pearl

    Here are some photos in natural light that I just took. I had to wait for the spots to leave my eyes before I could view and upload them—it’s very bright outside today! I put the pin on a white microfiber cloth, and laid a ruler next to it so you can get an idea of the dimensions. I have put...
  9. multichrome

    A little vintage stick pin with a pearl

    I wanted a wishbone pin for good luck, and I saw this one online and loved it. It arrived today. The seller’s lightbox photos are really good, so I’ll post a few of them. The pearl is about 5mm x 3mm. The nacre on the upper part of the front of the pearl is more creamy/yellow and shiny, but less...
  10. multichrome

    Great tutorial for wire-wrapping pearls and beads

    I can add only one link per post, apparently, so here’s a recent Instagram post where Jamie makes a simple bead pendant very quickly with a wire headpin. He’s so practiced; most of us cannot do it that fast. I love the lotus dangles, and I ordered some from Etsy to make white SSP earrings with...
  11. multichrome

    Great tutorial for wire-wrapping pearls and beads

    I could not get the knack of wire wrapping pearls and beads until I found this video. You can see Jason’s process very well, and he is great at explaining what he is doing. Also he clearly loves his work. He’s a great teacher. I’m not affiliated with Bead Gallery; just a fan. If I ever get to...
  12. multichrome

    Pearls looking more beautiful when worn regularly?

    I wasn’t sure where to put this, but I would love your observations. I’ve noticed, especially with my akoyas (including some vintage ones), that they look more beautiful and lustrous when I wear them often. (Of course I don’t clean house in them or expose them to detergent, chemicals, or...
  13. multichrome

    Mystery pearl pendant that belonged to my mother

    I’ve had this pendant for a while, but I hadn’t paid much attention to it until now. The only thing I did do was to remove it from the setting and clean the blob of yellowed dried glue from the top of it. Then I reglued it. That was a couple of years ago, before I knew anything about pearls...
  14. multichrome

    Ordered SSP for tin cup bracelet—would love advice on making it

    Between seeing VP Harris’s white SSP and StarryPearl’s long strand, I’ve been bitten by the white SSP bug. I just ordered a few loose 11-12 mm circled ones to make a tin cup bracelet with—vendor pic of similar pearls is below. I know I need chain, wire, and a clasp. I am thinking I’d like yellow...
  15. multichrome

    I want Kamala Harris' pearls

    So we have seen the combo before—I think that’s a standby work look for her, which is very appropriate for a VP portrait. Now really want a job where I that can be my look! Not that I can wear clothes as well as VP Harris. Time to order some loose SSP for a station necklace . . .