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    Default Is this pearl dyed

    I got a tester pearl from an online vendor, and the color is very pretty, and the pearl is nice for the inexpensive price.

    I am wondering though if the pearl has been dyed. The listing says its natural but I am always skeptical when colors like this look too good in natural light.


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    The color looks natural, but are you able to see if that apparent nacre line is really the nacre depth (where it goes from dark to light)?

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    Look at the drill hole and see if you notice dye. I think the Pearl was probably dyed.

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    What are you basing your opinion? The orient? I am trying soooo hard to learn. I looked at the hole...., then I looked at the color. Why not a silver nitrate dip? Not to be in conflict but from reading and looking...... Please reply. I suppose I am a devils advocate trying to understand pearls and characteristics like many others on the forum.

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