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    I find such small pearls to be so difficult ! I try to avoid anything under 5mm lol I'd use wire as well or even string with a small bumper instead of a knot every 10 pearls or so.... I've never used anything that small except gemstones and I use wire for them .

    That said , it's a lovely lovely necklace !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parrot Lady View Post
    CBPearllover, I used #40 Beader's Secret and it was tight. Although the doubled thread went theough the pearls easily, beginning and ending the strand where the thread was quadrupled was no fun at all. I had to spend a lot of time with a pearl reamer trying to enlarge the holes and even then it was tricky. (Not to mention I reamed my finger numerous times.). I think I'd use wire for 3-3.5 pearls.
    Oh wow, yeah that does not sound like fun. I've never used beading wire, but I've been needing an excuse to try. I know it's necessary to ream out pearls sometimes, but I've only done larger ones. And those reamers are so sharp WHOA Good information, thanks for the heads-up.

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