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    This necklace was purchased for me as a gift about 35 years ago. I have only worn it about a dozen times. I was in the store during the transaction, and I remember a lot of talk about the pearls being special and that the origin justified the price - $300? $500? something in that range, plus the color, shape and matching, but I was young and all of the details were lost on me. I was actually looking around at other types of pearls while it was going on. Don't remember the store name but they only sold pearl jewelry and I think it was in one of our So. Cal. beach townsName:  IMAG0173.jpg
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    Welcome and thank you for the photos of your necklace. Most likely they are cultured akoya pearls, that would have been the price range back then. Pearls are certainly in fashion news right now and all sizes, large and small are being worn. Probably these have sentimental value for you?

    Many of us with smaller strands add a gemstone enhancer, twist gently or layer with another necklace or chain for a bolder look. I hope you will wear it and enjoy it more often!


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