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    Default dark, shiny pearl necklace- valuable??

    Hi everyone!
    I'm here researching a necklace that I came across through a family friend who traded me for some labor a few years ago. Currently interested in figuring out how much the necklace itself is worth- i know NOTHING about pearls, other than the fact that im pretty sure these are real because they feel gritty against my teeth- be gentle!

    the necklace is pretty long, there are 53 pearls and there is a small knot in between each one. so, can anyone tell me if this necklace is worth anything? ballpark? it would be really nice for me to know! thanks )

    okay time to bombard you with pictures. thanks!!!!

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    It looks like a fun necklace with dyed freshwater pearls. It wouldn't sell for much now, but several years ago it might have been up to 30 dollars in a store. Because there have been major improvements in quality, these kind of pearls now sell for one to four dollars for a temporary strand. I would keep them and wear them.

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