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    Question Need help identifying these pearls.....I am a pearl novice

    Hi everyone

    These are real pearls. I know that much. I just don't know anymore about them, so if you have any ideas or info, it would be appreciated.

    Here is a picture of the pearls

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    The clasp is marked 14kt gold followed by what looks like three Japanese characters. Also on the thinest part of the clasp there is w or m with a line above (or beneath it, I don't know which way is up). They measure about 1/4" each. It is 18" long not counting clasps.

    Thank you in advance for any help

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    Hi There,

    At first glance, they look like Chinese freshwater cultured pearls. A white paper towel would be a better background. Can you get a close-up of a few pearls? Does your camera have a macro setting - a little flower? Okay, time to do a second photo or two.

    Thanks, and welcome to Pearl Guide!
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    Agree with GemGeek - at first look these look like FW pearls…but a picture on a white background in natural light would help to clear things up more...

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    I agree, rosedl, and the reason is that unless it's something to do with the camera angle, a lot of the pearls look very slightly "flattened." Freshwater pearls are often that way. Unlike the saltwater pearls, freshwaters usually don't have a round (shell) bead nucleus to make them more perfectly round.

    I'm no expert, but I don't know of anything important that the "M" or "W" on the clasp would mean. "Mikimoto" is a well known pearl company, of course, but I believe they use a clamshell design along with their "M" on their clasps, and a small pearl as part of the clasp design as well. That clasp looks like a standard fish hook one to me.

    In any case, it looks like a pretty necklace.
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    True, they look like Chinese cultured freshwater pearls due to their slight barrel shape. I estimate them to be around 8mm, which is actually a very useful size.

    The nice thing about these pearls is that there is no bead inside-- so they are all nacre, and very durable.

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    What can you tell us about their history? If age can be proved to be older than the last couple of decades that rules out a couple of of options. But just having a seller claim it is not enough

    Do you see any markings on them? If you, it's a good idea to photograph those as well on a white background.

    Do you agree with the description 'barrel shaped' or 'potato shaped' or do you see them as completely round?

    - Karin

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