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    Oh my, what glories! and You all look marvelous.

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    My first picture is what I actually wore. My white SSP necklace with an opal and diamond antique pendant and opal earrings to go with it. It was a stunning combination, if I say so myself! The chain miiiiight not be great for the pearls, but.... so tempting...
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    In my next photo I'm wearing a dyed golden Edison pearl necklace I got from Wendy at Pearlescence. She showed me a picture of this strand next to a natural golden SSP necklace, and it was so close I couldn't even tell them apart. However... I just don't like them on me! It's not the pearls, it's me. Normally I love warm colors, but I just don't think golden pearls suit me, so I'm sadly sending it back. If anyone else wants it, it will soon be up for grabs. The pearls are huge and would be gorgeous, on the right coloring.
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    And thank you for all the sweet compliments! Getting to put on makeup and jewelry and dress up is what gets me out of bed in the mornings, and is one of the best parts of my day. I think y'all will probably understand what I mean when I say that beautiful jewelry might not be a necessity, but it just makes life better.
    ETA: here's another picture of the edison pearls. I turned off my makeup mirror lights in the previous picture to get a more accurate color, and below is with the better lighting. The color is difficult to accurately capture, but they're very pretty in person, just not on me. Maybe because my coloring is so pink? My mom, who has a warmer complexion, looked great in them.
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    Sydk, I'm in love with your ripple pearls! There's something about the baroque pearls that are growing on me. I thought I was a round only kinda girl, but they're winning me over. So fun with the flamingos.

    Jeg, my god, you've got the most incredible collection, and your so dang talented with all the peices you create!

    BWeaves, you look great in those silvery blue akoya pearls. Those are at the top of my wish list.

    And eolian pearls, what a stunning photo! Do you live by the ocean? Not that I'm jealous or anything like that...

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