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    Default Strand of pink pearls- beautiful but I don't specifically know nothing about pearls

    Hopefully, I've posted this question correctly. It's my first time here.

    My mom bought a storage unit at auction, don't ever do that btw, and she found this strand of pearls inside it. I say don't buy a storage unit because it's a lot of work. It was also kinda fun treasure hunt.

    Back to the pearls... There are 68 pearls in total. I rubbed one on the front of my tooth to test. It wasn't smooth like I read fake pearls feel. I did it lightly but it felt more like a rock than a marble.

    I'm figuring out how to post multiple pics right now. Thank you to anyone that reads this. I appreciate any knowledge you share about pearls very much. I know it's difficult without seeing them in person.

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    They look like Chinese freshwater cultured pearls. Blemishes, yes, but great luster!
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    They have no monetary value but definately fun Chinese freshwater prarls.

    - Karin

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    So we were eating clams and my husband found this tiny little pearl. Any idea what it would be worth? I just think it is soooo cool, that we found it? How rare is this to find one when eating dinner???

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