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    Default Zero knowledge on pearls! In search of engagement ring and education!!

    I am in search of an "ethical" engagement ring. My gf has already stressed to me that she wants an engagement ring with either crystals or a pearl, or BOTH. I have browsed the forum and found a lot of resourceful information!! So thanks! So my questions are simple :

    - Which websites are HIGHLY recommended?!?
    - What is a good amount to pay for a white pearl engagement ring (with a white gold band)
    - Does anyone know of private dealers in Tampa, FL?

    Also, any suggestions or pointing in the right direction, would be GREATLY appreciate!!


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    Hi, and welcome! Sorry for the delay in responding. Typically, this question has a long and a short answer. If you use the search bar at the top you'll see the different ways this has been answered. The short version is to look at a variety of threads/posts, and check out the links underneath some of the posters

    I don't know Tampa dealers, but Inger of RainbowIslandPearls is in FL, a little south of you, very near in fact. You can find her on ebay at rainbowislandpearls, and you can private message her there. She has many things that aren't listed on ebay.

    I've also bought from Pattye, here on this forum,

    and from Pearl Paradise.

    If you look at the bottom of this page, under similar threads, you'll see some of what others have written. I hope you find what you both want!

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