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    Oooh, nice! Thanks for sharing that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incik Boncuk View Post
    More Majoricas!

    I love, love, love Majorica and have a pretty large collection that I've accumulated mostly over the last 5 or so years. There are so many reasons I love them.

    I think a lot of their designs are fantastic, and are something I don't really see in real pearl jewelry. I mostly go for the modern designs, but also have a couple pieces that would be considered more classic.

    I love the quality and that they look as if they could be real, but I don't have to worry about getting mugged when I'm wearing them. I live in Chicago so yes, that's a real concern! Not just in pearls, but even in other jewelry I have a lot of "fakes" that are just like my "real" pieces, that I use if I'm out by myself riding the subway, etc.

    I also really love the way they are made. In another phase of my life, I was a glass bead maker. While I doubt that all Majorica beads are made on a torch the way they show on their YouTube channel, the fact that it's a possibility resonates with me as a former glass worker.

    My Majorica habit is entirely the fault of my husband. In 2000 he went on an overseas business trip. We'd only been married a couple years at that time, and he still felt he needed to bring me a present every time he went somewhere without me. On that particular trip his work kept him busy the entire time so he didn't have a chance to shop and ended up buying me a set of Majorica bracelets from in-flight shopping. I already liked pearls - had some and used FWPs a lot in my jewelry-making - but had never seen or even heard of Majorica. I fell in love.

    I wore those bracelets a lot for a few years. So much so that the elastic has gotten stretched, especially on the white one. I haven't worn them in years, only because I tend not to wear bracelets much any more. I got them out again shortly after I joined this forum and was really impressed with the colors on the darker pearls. Most of my Majorica pieces are white beads, so I don't know if the current darker pieces show this amount of color variation.

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    I love these!! Please, tell me where I can find them?

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    Vintage / discontinued / pre-owned Majorica items are commonly sold on eBay but you may have to set up a "saved search" for the specific item you want to find.

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    I've seen quite a few Majorica pieces on Etsy as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pearl Dreams View Post
    If the bead ends are glued on, perhaps you could remove them with solvent in order to re-use them?
    That's a good idea, Pearl Dreams. It hadn't occurred to me! They are glued on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulaY View Post
    I love these!! Please, tell me where I can find them?
    I have searched for them online several times with no luck. (I was looking for a photo I could use in my Pinterest archive of all my Majorica.) They are 20 years old and I'm wondering if maybe they weren't widely distributed since they were purchased from SkyMall? Not really sure about that. But I would think that if they are to be found at all, it would probably be on eBay or Etsy.

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    Some of my Majorica rings.

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    Some more of my Majorica rings.

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