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    Default Seeking Help Identifying Three Pearl Necklaces

    Hi All:
    I have three pearl necklaces that I am having a difficult time figuring out first, are they real, and secondly, what type of pearls are they. I was hoping someone out there could give me at least an idea to get started with. Much appreciated!

    Name:  photo.jpg
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Size:  18.1 KB (I tried to post the image. Not sure if it worked. I guess you have to open it as an attachment ?) If not, my email is I can just send you the picture directly. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi and welcome,

    I see the picture but it's hard to make out much from it. The first thing you need to do is try the 'tooth test'. Gently rub two of the beads in a necklace together or against a tooth. If it feels gritty they're pearls of some kind. If they feel smooth, they're not pearls.

    Guessing from what little I can see from the photo, the top strand looks like it could be fake pearls. The beads in the second has a shape I've never seen in a pearl, and I don't think they are. The beads in the bottom one seems to be off-round as in Chinese fresh water pearls. If any of the beads seems to be pearls after you tried the tooth test, we'll need close ups of the ones that are.

    - Karin

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    Hi Sandy,

    Welcome, as Karin says, please give us more close up photos, and against a white background like a white paper towel gives a better idea of actual color. Looking forward to seeing your jewelry closeup!


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    Hi Karin and Pattye:
    Thank you, very helpful. I think you are right about the oddly shaped strand and the smaller "pearls". I suspected they weren't real. Here is a close-up of the other strand. Name:  photo-3.jpg
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