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    Default Finding a Pearl Engagement Ring


    My Boyfriend and I were discussing engagement rings and he said he was thinking about getting a pearl engagement ring from a company called Na Hoku ( here's the link: ). The problem is the company has pearl rings but not pearl engagement rings. We have been scouring the web for a place that has a large selection of pearl engagement rings but we're having a hard time finding one that even has them to begin with.... The prices have been troublesome as well, we've seen pearl rings with diamonds bedazzled all around the pearl for only like $2-500.00 or so, is that normal? I would think with that many diamonds it would be well over a thousand dollars (examples of the suspicious pricing: and )

    Could anyone please share any websites they know or use that have pearl engagement rings? Or a place that we could have one custom made?

    Thank you! ^-^

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    How do you define a pearl engagement ring? One with diamonds?
    Very small diamonds cost significantly less than larger ones. As long as they are eye-clean, they should look fine.

    Pearl Paradise is one company that sells pearl rings -- here are 4 pages to look through, many with diamonds:

    They also sell pearl ring findings (which can be set with a pearl):

    If you don't see what you are looking for, call them! They can help you find something you like, I'm sure.
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    I think of an "engagement" ring as one that comes with or fits with a wedding band (diamond or otherwise), so the engagement ring and wedding ring can be worn together as a set. I bet that really is hard to find, since a pearl is a much more unusual choice than the standard diamond set. But, I have seen plenty of pearl rings with a straight edge under where the pearl sits, so that a wedding band of your choosing (widely available elsewhere) would fit up against it snugly. I have two thin gold diamond bands that I like to wear with several different rings I own that have that straight edge. I think they look really good with any of them, whatever the width, thickness, or stone/s size.

    For example, these would work with a band:

    Maybe this:

    But not these:

    Is that what you meant? If so, I would expect it to take a bit more shopping to put together than the standard diamond wedding set. I agree that tiny side diamonds can be inexpensive (in that first Zales link you provided, the diamond-like stones are white sapphires). If you don't care about wearing a wedding band with it, then I'd just get whichever one the two of you decide on as your engagement ring, and not be fussed about whatever the store calls it.
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