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    Default Need Help...Pearl Rope Necklace

    I am looking to buy my wife an endlace pearl necklace around 72" or longer, unfortunately I know nothing about pearls.

    I went to my jeweler in Chicago where I have purchased many things, we look at many pearl strand in the 7-7.5mm pearl size range. I found a strand I liked and throught were pretty and the price came out to $3000. They looked good and had a slight pink tint which i was told would look good on my wife who is fair skinned.

    I had no idea what questions to ask, but now have been shopping them around the internet and I see freshwater pearls in that length for under 1000 and some for about the same price.

    Can anyone guide me? I have looked at pearl paradise and they sell by the inch freshwater and akoya, the freshwaters come out to about 720 in AAA grade and the akoyas at 3k.

    Also found this strand on blue nile, ,

    Just looking for some guidance, I want them to be nice but want her to feel good about wearing them whenever she wants with jeans or dress... was hoping to stay at 2k or below but might not be possible for a nice set.

    Please Help!!

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm not an expert, but that ad confused me because it says "100 inch freshwater pearls" then it looks like the details are for "akoya" pearls, which are the saltwater ones and much pricier. Anyway, 6mm are tiny pearls. Just one millimeter makes a big difference. Even if it was a long rope, I don't think it would have that much "wow" factor.

    Pearl Paradise is a gigantic pearl company and they can show you examples and answer questions through email if you go to the live chat function. They also have and can do much more than what's on the site. Maybe you'd like to see the different grades side by side, and see what trade offs you want to make on price, pearl size, pearl quality, and strand length. If it was me, I'd get something like what's on the link below, the 52 inch and upgrade to AAA quality. You can definitely request rose tint on any of it. That's a high quality strand, dramatic length and in your price range, with some left for a pair of matching AAA stud earrings (I'd go a size up from the strand pearls for more "pop" there). You might want to also increase the strand length and get rid of the clasp. But if so, maybe check first because then it might be considered a custom order and not returnable. They also have a best-of-their-AAA grade called "Freshadama," but of course that adds on to the price, too. Anyway, just one opinion here. If you get a chance, post pics of whatever you get! Good luck with it.
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    A clasp is a good thing to have when you want to layer the strand - neck or wrist. That gives you the option of tighter fit than if you don't have a clasp.

    - Karin

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    I agree about the clasp, but my opinion is that that size pearl will look great in a rope. I have a strong bias for AAA freshwater pearls for ropes. Ropes look great with smaller pearls. and they mix with other pearls or chains very well. I think you can probably get the pink overtones, too- so call Pearl Paradise or use the chat function on their site to get just what you want. For instance you could order a longer strand at that price! Or add a bracelet and earrings of the freshadama grade- which is cherry picked AAA pearls. I think you could get all freshadamas in the strand for under 2k or close. They can have a comparable luster to akoyas and they are tougher because they are all nacre.
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