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    Default Tahitian pearl studs from ebay, too smooth?

    Hi !

    I'm new to the forum and as I can see, there is many pearls experts around here

    So I was wondering what are your opinions about there Tahitian pearls studs. I just
    bought them and received them today. Here's the ebay listing, the seller is "auctionpearls":

    Item number: 230836076920

    The problem is that when I tried to do the "tooth test" if felt smooth, not gritty like other pearls that I own and
    when I rub them lightly against each other it doesn't feel like my other pearls. So I thought that maybe
    the pearls had a protective coating or something like that.

    However, when I messaged the seller about it, she denied any treatment to the pearls and responded :
    " Hi,
    these are 100% genuine Tahitian pearls and they are 100% natural nacre, and there is no enhancements of any kind. You can send the earrings to the GIA if you wish ,and they will come back exactly as we describe them. However, if you don't like the earrings for any reason, you can return them for a full refund, as per our return policy on every one of our listings. If you do like the earrings, then the smooth surface and luster is the indication of high quality and high luster and nacre,and of course you can also see the natural tiny flaws in the back of the pearls.
    Let me know what you decide "

    So do you think that these are real tahitians? If yes, do you think that they had a coating or not? If they haven't had a coating, is there any reason of why they feel too smooth? Is it "normal" ?

    Oh and also, they don't have an overtone

    Thanks a lot

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    you can see in the other pictures of that listing they are real pearls. Can you feel the "grittiness" if you perform the tooth test near the bottom of the pearls?

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    They are definitely Tahitian pearls. The moderate blemishing and the circling gives that away. They could be polymer coated but it's difficult to say without testing them.

    If they are coated and the coating is thick (it's typically thick if the luster was poor to begin with) then you may be able to see a reflection from just under the surface of the pearls. The nacre of a Tahitian pearl is opaque, so the reflection is from the surface. When thickly coated, it could be possible to see this reflection coming from the surface of the pearl beneath a clear coating.

    Another way to test is by pricking them with a needle. If coated, you might be able to prick the surface as you would with a piece of plastic. A hot needle might also melt the coating slightly, giving it away.

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    Sorry for the late reply, I've been struggling with some personal issues.

    I really appreciate the replies, thanks a lot Turns out that finally they were true Tahitian uncoated. I'm so happy !

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