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    Default What do you all think of THIS?--South Seas Mikis?

    Mikimoto they're not, I assume--but are they true South Seas pearls? I have NO intention of bidding--I'm just curious to hear what the experts think.

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    Zeide Erskine



    They are clearly tissue nucleated freshwater pearls. Although they are cheaper than South Sea pearls, they probably have better luster than most South Seas for ten times the money or more. Doesn't the M stand for some manufacturer in New Jersey?


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    Thanks! But since it's not clear to me, can you tell me why? Is it the shape of the pearls? I know SS are also not perfectly round, but I guess these look a bit more flattened out.... Or is it something else?

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    There are a couple of things to notice. First, the pearls are not round, and they are not off-round in a South Sea style. Also, the strand appears chalk-white in a way that is very common to freshwater pearls.

    It is certainly not vintage, and most definitely not Mikimoto. If the seller really did take the strand several jewelers, they did not know much about pearls.

    But! If the bidder receives the strand pictured, it is not a bad deal for near round freshwater pearls of that size. As the seller does not have other pearl strands up for sale I would not surmise that they are not intentionally acting dishonestly.

    I would not be able to tell you exactly what the 'M' stands for, but it could easily be something like "Mervyn's". Clasp manufactures offer the service for a very small fee. I have never added a stamp of PP or our logo simply because our largest business is wholesale.
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    Thank you. I am learning a lot from you all!