My grandma has given me a number (3) of jewelry pieces throughout my childhood. A ring with a gemstone (I am not sure what kind of gem) that has one diamond on both sides of it, a gold earring with a diamond set into the bottom of it, and this necklace. I am fairly certain that they are all real, they all have a gold 14/18k etc. The pearls I have done the tooth test to see if they are real, and they are not smooth but a little gritty. Plus the clasp is 14k gold. It then has this strange L looking symbol to the right of that.

So anyways to get to the point, I was wondering what kind of pearls these are? From my research on this forum and the internet I believe they might be some kind of akoya. There are 75 pearls in total, and it sits just at the base of the neck perfectly.

Thank you for any insight that might be provided. If anyone would be able to tell me a money estimate to them so I would know if it would be worth having them re-strung since they appear to have the tiniest but of wear + tear fraying.

More background... my grandmother grew up in the Philippines, I am not sure where she obtained the pearl necklace it is possible it was a family heirloom from the time before she came to America. That is unlikely though since she met my grandfather during the Vietnam war and I believe her family did not have a lot of money, although I could be wrong. It is most likely from the 70s - mid90s either way since that is when she truly began her jewelry collection. I can provide anymore pictures or anything if you need it. Thank you again -^_^- !