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    I love the links in this necklace ! MSC thats looking beautiful ! Love all those little pipi's !!

    And just realised that I missed the photos of your ARS collection. Wow you have a lot of items !! Gorgeous !! Are they mostly family pieces or items that you have collected on the way ? Beautiful...its so exciting !

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    Y'all I have been wanting to write up a bit about the Antiques Roadshow, but am just too busy right now. I did however go to the dentist last week and took along my pearls in question; they kindly x-rayed a portion of the strand for me. Here is the x-ray! I need to find out what experts think about what it shows. The largest pearl looks like there may be a bead, but the rest of the pearls I just cannot tell.
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    Check out my photos here
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    MCS, I see a molar top on the right... More seriously, I wonder if X-rays tool of dentists has enough contrast to see pearl beads. Customers X-rays would seem more sensitive, now.
    The third biggest pearl, top in the middle, shows some parts looking hollow, maybe around a bead and the place of a tissue graft?
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