Thanks for the bump up Pattye I really appreciate as not hearing back from anyone had me worried that I'd either bunch of old teeth and people were to nice to say anything or my posts just weren't what they used to be!

I got these pearls in a mad place in Dubai called Dragon Mart - in a nutshell it can be heaven to some and hell to others (the latter to me) but worth the trip as literally on the out skirts of the city and 1km long full of all kinds of unspectacular useless shrapnel. I'd heard from a few that there were 4 pearl shops - 3 very bad and one good. Took me 4 hours to find the good one so looks like it paid off. Everything from China stops here in Jebel Ali on the way to the West and lots of it end up in Dragon Mart so I am definitely going to go back this weekend and buy a few more and possibly get them restrung or add in a gold clasp to them as gold good value here.

Thanks for the advice on Kari - she is very helpful so far and we are in touch in regards to Basara pearls from the Gulf so looking forward to see what comes out of it.

In the meantime I'll make sure to stay in touch and post up some pic's of the Dragon Mart pearls.

For anyone in Dubai I got them from this shop: Zhuji City Yijahong Co. Ltd (Pearl Culture site) - they've good english and fairly flexible on prices depending on what you want.