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    Default Need suggestions on purchasing white pearl necklace

    Dear All

    I have been looking for a classic white pearl necklace (Choker/16 inches) and maybe a bracelet as well. Ideal size is about 8mm each for necklece and around 12-14mm each for bracelet. But have no luck till now..Once shopped at Mikinoto but found their are really overpriced..

    Anyway, now i have two questions:

    1.Should I choose South Sea pearl or Tahitian pearl?
    2. Where is the safest and most cost friendly seller? or maybe what is the brand?


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    Hi blblue-- welcome to Pearl-Guide!

    Tahitian pearls are beautiful but not white. If you really want white and 8mm for the necklace, you're talking about either cultured Akoya pearls (saltwater) or cultured freshwater pearls (which can now be found at very high quality and round.) South Sea Pearls are larger than 8mm. In terms of cost, the least expensive are the freshwater, then Akoya, then South Sea.

    There are other reliable and esteemed vendors here but I have bought successfully from

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    Where are you Biblue1? While most of us sellers ship around the world, it is obviously a lot easier if we supply on home turf
    I'm a little confused - you say you want a white necklace of 8mm pearls but this will be either a freshwater or akoya necklace. Tahitian pearls are generally bigger and not white, and south sea pearls are generally bigger.

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