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    Exclamation Pearls in South Florida

    Can anyone recommend an appraiser located near West Palm Beach? Rec'd this pearl necklace as a wedding gift approx. 25 years ago. Local jeweler went out of business about 10 years ago. Thank you for your help !
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    It's hard to give you too much info about value from the photo, but it appears to be a strand of akoya pearls with very nice luster. As for an appraiser, this would be a good place to start -

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    Can you send us in close up photos of your beautiful pearls. They do look beauitful and look like pastal akoyas to me too. As Jeremy gave you an appraiser I would go with that. But if you feel the valuation is too low - say anything under $1000 get back to us. I believe even on eBay you could get $1000 to $1500 ... so don't sell them short if you can wait a while. Sometimes it does take a while to get a decent price but Xmas is coming up and I don't think they would take long to sell for a decent price.

    But please do send in close up photos. Give details of the pearls - size, condition, wear on them.

    Good luck,

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    I'm assuming the strand is white and we're seeing variations in overtone/orient that look like pastel colors from the strong light. Is that right? Be careful, as not all appraisers have solid pearl experience.

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