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    Thank for sharing!
    The World Is My Oyster!

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    Pattye.. Yes they aren't really a new invention just that we didn't see so many of them then.
    The sorting work was much better then.. It's harder for them to retain skilled sorters who really care about the finished product in China these days.
    Nowadays .. It is so common to find mixed quality strands as they attempt to sell of the low and mid grade material with a couple of flashy pearls.
    I was VERY surprised to see the luster had lasted so well.. As that's always been in the back of my mind about "metallics".
    Wish I had an original photo of them!
    Hope you're great!

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    Thanks for taking the time to share your photos with us

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    This is interesting to read and see. As over the years I've read opinions here on keeping pearls in safes/vaults.

    Quote Originally Posted by kojimapearl View Post
    Hello ... it's been way too long since I chimed in on Pearl-Guide.. but on my most recent trip to Japan and Hong Kong I found this strand tucked into the back of a safe. It made us laugh ... and left me with the reminder that pearls are, in general... more accessible to people around the world than ever before. This is a 7-7.5mm strand of metallic Chinese fresh water pearls was THANKFULLY labeled by Fuji's father Rudolf Voll (as were most things that ever happened near him . The label reads "cost HK$900 in 2001"... (HK$900 =US$115)
    So that was obviously what seemed to him to be a very high price... or I doubt it would have warranted a label and being tucked away in the safe. I am not sure why it lived there for so long... but I was really happy to find it, and see proof that in the last twelve years the price of comparable material has fallen to approximately one fifth! To all my fellow dealers: the next time someone tells you the prices are high... smile and nod!.... and to all pearl lovers... enjoy the bounty of these sweet waters with reckless abandon for there has never been a better time than the present!
    With warm regards, Sarah
    P.S. that's still some amazing luster for 12 years of "shelf" life, eh?

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    So glad this thread got bumped! What fabulous pictures!

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