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    Smile Innovations of Bigwell Akoya Pearl Farm

    The largest Akoya pearl Farm in China, Bigwell (大井) Akoya Pearl Farms are located in the southernmost part of the Chinese mainland.
    There farms were devastated by freshwater from a broken bam of a reservoir caused by the typhoon in August 2007. Only a couple of leading Akoya pearl farmers could resume their aquaculture, but they had to shrink culture scale for Akoya oysters due to the loss of the death of Akoya oysters. They pay much attention to enhancing the quality of Akoya pearls instead of pursuing the quantity.
    From July 16 on, rainfall has not stopped, it was sunny yesterday. It’s been raining again right now. I went to investigate our Akoya farms beside Bigwell village yesterday, saw the rainwater mixed with the seawater and red soil from the land. All farmers drove their motor boats to check whether their Akoya oysters could endure freshwater, so they have to put the net cages down deeper to prevent Akoya oysters from being drowned by too much freshwater. We do not worry about the bam of the reservoir because it has been rebuilt.
    Please enter to see the latest pictures I took yesterday. You can enjoy seeing the beautiful and interesting scenery.
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