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    So happy to share the Bubbles love, Douglas and 86C! I guess that can count as an early Valentine. I have a pair of earrings on the way. Sheesh, I said I was going to keep my eyes closed... I need to take up baking like eolian, instead of web surfing.

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    Donít cry for me, Estelita,
    no robo-vac can replace you....

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisa c View Post
    Don’t cry for me, Estelita,
    no robo-vac can replace you....
    No, we can't replace her...I mean the dogs LOVED her, my daughters loved wife ADORES her! But her husband (he was diabetic and obese) died due to COVID and she got scared and she is not coming back until she feels safe. She has not felt that way...guess most people don't.
    But I'm kind of enjoying the Robo-Vac...even when it roams around my "office" (a closet space I remodeled with a desk) and around my feet. Funny guy that likes to munch on dust-bunnies!
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