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    Default Box for changing colour of the Pearl sets

    I am business woman from Tokyo. I came to know there is special Box for
    changing colour of the Pearl sets according to the dress colour.

    Exapmple : if you want to change your Pearl Neclace from white to red
    colour, you have to put in that specified Box and mark the colour button
    (red) and wait for few minutes to change colour.. and so on for all
    colours desired..

    Do you have any idea about this magic box and do you have branch or
    Agent in Tokyo??

    Pls. confirm..



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    I do not think this is even possible.
    I have never heard of anything such as this before. I cannot imagine there would be a device to change the color of a pearl without destroying the nacre. The only think I can think of is a stain, but that would not change back and forth.