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    Emily, if you use local Craigslist and make a sale, do use caution when exchange takes place. Good luck!

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    "One thing I do know is I'm not the type of person to wear fancy jewelry so they are not for me to keep forever."

    Dear Emily,

    Before I wore my first strand of pearls, I thought the same thing, that pearls were very 'dressy'. I only want to say - the necklace doesn't seem too dressy for everyday to me. If the pearls fit around your neck, give them a chance, wear them everyday for a while... you might fall in love with the way they look against your skin.

    If you aren't sure about wearing pearls, haven't done it much, you could play; why not try them out at home? It seems a shame to not wear them before getting them gone.

    If you like them a lot but they're too tight, maybe you could add to the necklace; around the clasp is an easy area.

    Actually, a lot of the contributors to Pearl Guide are creative -artists- and you might find their creations inspiring your own ideas. Try paging through the threads 100" Rope and Show Us Your Pearls, see what can be done.

    Much respect to you, for researching on this site before you attempted to sell.

    Good luck, I hope you'll try wearing them for a while and then write and tell us if you've grown attached to them,
    Lisa C
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    Hello hope you are all well. I inheritance one akoya pearl necklace from my grandmother. The necklace has around 298 pearls. Is an appraisal a good investment for these?Name:  20180812_155827.jpg
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    Hi iglitzi2309,

    How wonderful to have inherited pearls from your grandmother! You have a nice rope of akoya cultured pearls.

    Instead of an appraisal I suggest having them restrung. Silk absorbs skin oils and grime and becomes weak over time, so there is a risk of losing the necklace if the silk breaks.

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    Welcome to Pearl-Guide forum and thank you for posting the photos of your akoya rope! I agree with Pearl Dreams, have your pearls restrung and enjoy their versatility; long strands are very much in style!


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