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    Default Small Businesses Give Big

    This book was just recently published and includes a chapter I wrote detailing the reasons behind our Giving Back program.

    It has been a good program. So far, we have given away nearly 1000 strands of pearls. Just a reminder to anyone here who works with or supports a non-profit. The program is still running!

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    I recently gave away a few items - earrings, a strand, a necklace - for a lunch for the bushfires relief appeal. I don't normally talk about things like this, but what amazed me was how my donation actually raised more than 10 times the amount of what it cost me... it was a very effective way of fund raising, and a very worthwhile thing to do. Whilst the bushfires relief has major 'presence' in the community here right now, I will continue to look for other opportunities like this.. it doesn't take much to end up doing a lot.

    As an aside - my local butcher gives away bones for dogs.. obviously it adds nothing to his cost of goods to sell them. He asks for a gold coin donation for each bone, and so far has built a 6 teacher school in Cambodia with the funds....

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    If anyone is interested, I am a fan of the microcredit solution by Grameen Bank founded by Dr. Muhammad Yunus who was awarded the Nobel Peace Price in 2006.


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    I need to make sure the Tri Delta chapters around Dallas know about the Giving Back program because the pearl is one of their fraternal symbols. Perhaps they could incorporate a necklace into fundraising for their national philanthropies (St. Jude and children's cancer treatment.)

    Kiva is a hands-on way to give microloans — lenders get their money back and can choose to cash out or re-lend. Two of my friends gave out $25 Kiva credits with their after-wedding thank you notes. I lent to a Cambodian couple and they've already repaid 25% of the loan.
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