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    Default Manila pearls

    Has anyone ever bought pearls at the Greenhills shopping center in Manila?

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    Hyun-Yoon Yoon


    Dear Pearltime

    May I ask what you are interested on?

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    I am interested in the South Sea pearls.

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    I'd like to pick up this question.

    "Has anyone ever bought pearls at the Greenhills shopping center in Manila?"

    Someone familiar with the Philippine pearl situation?

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    Default manila pearls

    I am a filipino and I am familiar with the pearls of Greenhills. I have a jewelry shop and I am currently in Paris testing the waters for pearl trade. I plan to establish pearl trade here and in Italy.

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    This post was on another thread: put greenhills into search to get the address
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    Hello everybody!

    This is an interesting website, very informative and clear at the same time! Together with the threads, one of the best I've found to provide good information about pearls. Thanks.

    As this is my first post, let me introduce myself. Coming from Belgium, I live in the Philippines for half a year now.

    After having visited Greenhills Pearl Market (Manila) like so many tourists, I became interested in pearls and pearl farms in the Philippines. I found a lot of information on this site. (And I can say now: Luckily, I didn't buy much in Greenhills during these first visits).

    At the moment, I am looking for some smaller-size good quality South Sea Pearls from the Philippines on request of some local jewelers in Belgium. Can someone give me good references?


    PS: At Greenhills, except from the cheap Chinese freshwater pearls, all shops also sell necklaces from 8-9-10mm pearls, fairly round and with hardly any blemishes, white, pink, abricot or dark purple coloured, not dyed (price 3000-4000 pesos,60-80USD). They call them "Baby South Sea" pearls from the south of the Philippines (Mindanao).
    Are these really South Sea pearls, or do we speak about cultivated freshwater Pearls -if so, are freshwater pearls also cultivated in Mindanao??

    Is someone familiar with these kind of pearls, and with the Greenhills pearl market in general (where 15mm pearls are also offered, 10,000-25,000USD for a necklace)? Is it possible to do a good deal there when you watch out?

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    The "Greenhills"-thread is posing the same question, unfortunately not yet a sufficient answer.

    Ariel, see private message.

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    There are different pearls in Greennhills. The bulk of it are freshwater pearls from China. There are some SSP though. If you are a foreigner, the sellers usually jack up the price. Lately, chinese round pearls of about 5-10mm (round to semi-round) have been sold at greenhills. Be careful though as this has been dubbed as baby south sea pearl but they are actually fine freshwater pearls. There are lots of fakes too so don't buy here unless you trust your pearl valuation skills. If you're a good SSP buyer, you may actually be able to buy some bargains here.