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    This is the first present i am going to give my fiancee (from India) and want to make a great impression,
    she loves pearls, she has great taste in jewellery, she has a great taste for design, even the pearl necklace she has is with a very beautifull disign (very big beautiful brochue)
    hanging at the end even a clueless person like me can make out its class,i have been to all shops from Kohls to Macy's have visited many sites like Pearl Outlet and Pear Paradise ,QVC and HSN etc
    i have gained a lot of knwoledge of Pearls in the last two to three weeks but still clueless becuase the pearl necklace are simple strand or double strand and the designs i have seen
    are very simple to the ones i have seen on her ... i need some good suggestions hope you can help me out. i am interested only in AAA quality.

    can you advise me what to do ..also is the Fresh water white pearl good or is the Multi Color pearl good


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    Hi Santosh,

    I sent you a PM in reply to yours. I agree that you should pick high quality, but within your budget. If her pearls are quite formal and in 18K, she might enjoy something that can be worn more casually, such as white South Sea pendant and earrings. Also check the Designers section on There are some very unusual items there. Terry and his crew are very helpful.

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    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! Pearls are a "no stress" gift. Freshwaters are great, akoya, South Seas -- or maybe Tahitians might hold the intrigue you are looking for. Any of the vendors on this site can help you pick something special and even design something special. Whatever you get, she will love. I guarantee it!
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    You can't really go wrong with pearls, especially since you are looking for high quality pearls. They are all beautiful.

    Is it very important for the gift to be a surprise? If not, why not involve your fianc?e in the selection? She may have a definite opinion about what kind of pearl she would like to own next.

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    It isn't obvious what design could be personal enough and a safe-bet gift.... I'd vote for a multicolour rope. The ones with lighter tone pearls of different types (pink and purple freshwater, light pewter, green and gray Tahiti, white anything, yellow South Sea or Akoya) seem rather fashionable although not too daring anymore and go with everything.

    I don't see many options on offer by the sellers talked about on this forum, but one could be put together, no doubt. This (LINK) is an example, although there are no grays in there.

    Pearl necklaces with gold and stone-set elements are not very typical for modern 'western' jewelry... there are beautiful exceptions, just rater rare and even less usually done with high quality pearls....Indian pearl designs are a world apart! Simpler designs do not diminish the 'impact' of high quality pearls, I promise you
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    Default Thanks ...


    thanks all of you for the advise ...


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