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    Wow, I've never seen a bobcat in the wild although we've often heard them "coughing" and "barking" in the woods. There are plenty, but very shy and very unusual to see one in PA. Coyotes yes, all the rest too. Mountain lions are up for argument. The official line is "extinct in PA" but there are some pretty reliable eyewitness accounts; maybe wanderers. Lots of black bears though. I can't think how one has a pet prawn LOL, but I commend you Douglas, for such an attempt, and Mimbi says what we all say ... "Stay awhile Douglas, stay awhile" . Happy Hulu .. you CAN'T tell that dog to stay off the sofa LOL ... ask me how I know


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    Love all that "urban wildlife" and Beep Beep the road runner.
    We get some amazing birds on our property.
    Happy Huku

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    Love all the wild and domestic denizens!

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    Wonderful photos everyone. I sure would want to have a bobcat, I don't think that we have them in sweden. We have lynx, very rare and it's forbidden in sweden to keep wild animal...bummer. CortezPearls, you know she keeps you, not the other way around...our smallest cat is constantly trying to teach not-husband proper behaviour...he is hers...

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