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    Default Found the forum to late

    I bid and won some pearls on e-bay this morning before finding your site. I am sorry now and I know you get what you pay for. Could you tell me what you think of this picture and what with your experience do you think I will actually recieve? This appears to be the exact picture that was used on the auction from this morning.

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    The seller has sold over 600 items and has 100% positive feedback. That is good. It means he/she has had no problems with customers, or has resolved them quickly so the customers are happy.

    The seller appears to be taking care of business properly.

    It is difficult to tell if the photos are of the same pearls in another auction. That is a question that should have been asked of the seller before bidding.

    The shipping fees are on the high side. $5.95 is reasonable for priority. The $10 they charge is high, but you agreed to it. Their insurance fee of $4 is a little high, but again you agreed to it.

    The seller has a 7 day return (which is typical on eBay) with a provision that you don't get Paypal fees refunded, which you agreed to.

    Keep all receipts and packing material.

    If you feel you need to return them, contact the seller within 2 to 3 days and receive permission to ship them back and follow their shipping instructions to the letter.

    If you are sending them back because you don't like them, you have agreed to not have the Paypal fees refunded, and the shipping fees are on you. The seller did not state anything about shipping fees in the return policy. Usually you will be responsible for all shipping fees if you return them because you don't like them, and the product is as described.

    If the pearls are not as described then it is a completely different story.

    Examine the pearls closely to see if they are as described. If they are not, take photographs of them, and describe the differences in detail. Inform the seller immediately that they are not as described, and provide details. Request a 100% return of your money including shipping fees and Paypal fees, and have the seller pay for the return shipping. If the product is not as described, then the sellers restrictions (no return of Paypal fees) is no longer valid.

    If the seller refuses, then contact Paypal immediately. You did pay with Paypal didn't you? That gives you the buyer protection. Inform Paypal and eBay that the pearls were not as described, and provide detailed information. Paypal will take it from there.

    There are many good sellers on eBay, and there are many bad ones. It looks like you have chosen a good one.

    I recommend you not buy from the dealers in China because invariably you will not receive the quality that is described, and you will have a very difficult time getting your money back.

    If ou haven't already, study the eBay and Paypal rules so you know the procedures in case of conflicts with sellers.

    Good luck, and let us know how the pearls are when they arrive,


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    Default Thank you

    I thought I had chosen a good store, that is why I agred to the shipping and insurance charges. It seemed reasonable to make some off shipping as well at that price. I looked at many of the pearls from China and they just seemed to good to be true. I had no idea about the bleaching and other treatments that went on. I have been educated by this site for sure, and by reading feedback. Thank you for your professionalism and the love of what you do.
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