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    Default If you want to post larger pictures:

    you can attach images to your posts, but the size is limited. a good photo host is you can open a free account there, upload your pics, then provide a link to your pic. the max file size at photobucket is 250 kb with a free account, which should be plenty big enough. they also allow "hotlinking," which means that your pic will show up in your post, but is still stored on the photobucket server. not all free photo hosts allow this. for instance, this picture is hosted on my account:

    if you want to post pics, it's worth trying photobucket. please note that i don't work for them, and am not affiliated with them any way. i just want the users here to be aware of a useful free service.

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    Thats a great idea Mike, I've had to hotlink a few images myself and I'd rather use an image host as opposed to my commercial website for this.
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    You can also compress your images. I open the images up with Microsoft Office Picture Manager and then resize and compress. This was you can actually put larger pictures on the forum.