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    Default Dubai Pearls Exchange

    Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC), set up by Dubai Government, has been in the forefront of promoting free trade in precious and colored stones in the country as well as across the globe.

    As yet another initiative DMCC has now set up a pearl exchange known as the Dubai Pearl Exchange where we would like to enroll reputed traders / producers to register as members. We will be offering discounted fees for membership and use of the facilities. The prime objective of the Exchange is to promote trade in pearls. The Exchange would provide a platform for traders to meet the internationally reputed manufacturers of pearls and initiate dialogues leading to lucrative business deals.

    The Exchange is at the formative stage and more operational details are yet to be worked and announced; the purpose of this introduction is to seek your immediate response to the idea. We welcome your valuable views on the initiative and your readiness to use the platform to buy / sell pearls being offered at the Exchange by reputed manufacturers. We would therefore highly appreciate receiving your early response in this regard.

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    Interesting, how does one determine a "reputed manufacturer/trader/producer?

    so many pearls, so little time