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    Default Help for on-line business!

    Hello I'm from tahiti and I've just finished my studies!
    I would like make e-business of Tahiti's black cultured pearl with USA and Japan.
    But I not really informed in E-business legislation , and it's very hard to have that kind of informations in Tahiti . I'd like to know if there was particular laws about e-business in USA and Japan more espacially in case of litigations.

    Thank you!!

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    I cannot help you much on the Japanese e-business side, but my book would probably be just right for you.
    My book is on Amazon:
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    Thank you Mr Shepherd For this fast answer!!!

    I think your book will be very usefull to set up my project! I just have order one!
    Concerning the question about E-business legislation, It was more about laws.
    Indeed, France have is trying to set up specific laws about e-business, a little bit different (for the sale's contract) than international trade laws. And I just want to know if there was specific article for E-business in US which must be applicate or If I just have to make a mail order trading contract...
    (I don't know if I can be uderstand...I'm losing myself a little bit Lol).
    Maybe just begining with the book would be a good first step because I have tons of question
    In any case this forum is wonderfull !! thank you Jshepherd