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    She looks wonderful! I must say, your Goldens turned my brain around, too. I didn’t think Goldens worked with pale skin, until I saw Newberry’s harvest strand and your Goldens.

    The long and winding road...

    Hey, your daughter’s strand is knotted, but are those bumpers in your strand, PD?

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    Yes, Lisa-- it's strung on wire with silicone bumpers and a hidden clasp. It's really comfortable. Sometimes clasps tickle my neck, but this is so easy to wear.

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    Thak you CathyKeshi, Charlotta and Pearl Dreams very helful!
    And I have seen golden pearl galore on dark/tanned-skins and they look superb...but from what I can see (your daughter makes a great model Pearl Dreams) I can see that they just work on ANY skin, and as you state: the green overtones will help in offering greater contrast. Thumbs up!

    CathyKeshi: I remember that beautiful mixed strand! Hisano gave you a great suggestion

    Thank you again!
    Douglas McLaurin-Moreno
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    Douglas McLaurin-Moreno

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