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    Default Oh wow, exciting stuff - 2 young, robust looking (not) eagles are parked outside!

    I don’t know if they’re playing, hunting or shopping for real estate, but it’s exciting to see them up close. I saw the first one 2 months ago. The interplay was dramatic - this is all so cool! First a small blue bird dove across my vision. Next, 3 huge crows flew to the tree, screaming, one at a time, and took up stations on branches, triangulating the small (not)eagle. Over a half hour, each crow moved closer to the (not)eagle, and just sat.

    Silent menace? or just being sentries, idk. Eventually the small (not)eagle moved down to another tree, to a nest remnant from last year. At least, I thought it was a remnant, but the raucous vocalizing became non-stop, and the crowd formed a tighter triangle.

    I was too late with my camera the first time to get a full frontal, but the (not)eagle was gorgeous, the creamy belly was so clean looking against it’s darker feathers, it looked brilliant.

    Today is the first time I’ve seen 2 (not)eagles so close. Do they shop for a nest site together? I think it’s too low down here for a (not)eagles nest, the trees are only 5 stories, and too close to buildings...but this is fun! I hope they keep stopping through.

    (Not)Eagle 1, today Jan 10, 2021, right in the center of the photo

    (Not)Eagle 2, today Jan 10, 2021
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