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    Default Help - How do I bead my idea?

    Hi, I have these two ~40cm (each) strands which I liked the look of when wound round each other (see image) but I have no idea how to keep them together like that... I am very new to beading so would love some advice! I was thinking I could make a rope twist if I get an extra strand - maybe something like little gemstone beads but I'm not sure...

    Thank you!

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    Hello JossieM! Welcome to our Pearl-Loving Community! We have many a great designers, beaders and jeweles that may be able to help you on your Quest!
    Welcome aboard!
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    If you knot them on a two strand clasp, just twist to the desired twistiness, then fasten the clasp. They will stay twisted till unclasped. Adding a third strand into the mix might be a good idea as the more twists, the shorter the necklace becomes.

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    I wouldn't even knot them. Just string them on two strands, and attach both strands to the same clasp. Twist and wear them. That's how torsades were worn in the 1980s and 90s.

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    Bead crocheting or seed beading - someone who specialises with those techniques, could maybe help with a solution

    I do neither, but I love to knot, the picture is of a necklace I have made using three cord strands with knots at intervals to create the pattern.

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    You have a problem if you want to twist a two strand necklace when you have only two strands because you will end up strangling yourself. The two strands will be a much too short necklace when twisted as in your photo (try twisting them now and measure the result to see)
    You will need to track down some more pearls or add some - either mixed in along both or one strand for texture or at the ends where the'back' of the necklace won't show.
    I recommend a synthetic thread for strength with all the twisting around and weight and I think knotting would be a good plan because otherwise the pearls will either fall to the front or twist themselves into gaps and tangles.
    Those pearls (and yours are dyed btw) were the forerunners of today's bead nucleated pearls. They are part of freshwater pearl history. I remember when they suddenly appeared. It was a dramatic moment. Completely new thing.
    Author:Pearls A Practical Guide published by Crowood Jan 2021

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