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    So, BBG...did you find a supplier or tried finding a local jeweler? Tells us what you did!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lisa c View Post
    Good thought, Bernadette! Did you design the cup? I really like that peg.
    Yes and no, the design started life as a pendant bail, one thing led to another and at the time I had bench space at a manufacturing jewellers and in collaboration with the jeweller the bail became earring fittings.

    Re the peg - itís a little ripper 😀

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    I wouldn’t mess with that peg, no ma’am! This is marvelous, did you run off a hundred pair or strike a deal with the jeweler to share the patent? This is cool stuff!

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    Hello everyone! Thank you so much for being so helpful !
    I ordered from Rio grande in the end because Bella findings doesn’t provide much info on their website for the items and I would have to call long distance everytime I need to know more about something. I tried to email them but didn’t get a reply.
    Rio is awesome except that their products are really little compared to Bella findings.

    I’ve seen some really good options from Etsy too but I believe the prices should be higher due to the fees that has to be paid to Etsy. ( I may be wrong though ! )

    Hope everyone is having a peaceful December so far. We try our best

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    Quote Originally Posted by CortezPearls View Post
    I have a friend in Israel...her company does wholesale only, but you don't really need to buy a great amount. I am sure Israeli producers have gold & enough workers to produce jewelry settings. If you need her contact (with knowledge that it is for a "large order") I can send you her name & email. Just let me know.
    thank you so much! Iíll send you a pm now. 🙃🙃

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bernadette View Post
    Another option is to approach a local bench jeweller (Someone who is actually creating items versus being only a shopfront\reseller)

    You can then get something made that is not "run-of-the-mill" and a little more special.

    eg - these where made for me by a bench jeweller, the design of the cup is not run of the mill and the peg is slighter thicker and you will notice has built in indentations for a very secure glue joint.
    Attachment 76512

    And you are supporting a local business :-)

    Wow this is beautiful! Very chic ! Thank you for the suggestion !
    Iíve just found a craftsman Iím in Asia and where Iím at, itís not easy finding a craftman and when I do find one, the cost can be very high.
    Itís true that a unique piece makes a lot of difference. One ( me ) can admire from afar until one can design properly 🤪🤪🤪🤪

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