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    Sold in a lot with costume jewelry in an estate sale. Box and clasp look right, the stringing looks wrong to me. Any ideas if they're real?Name:  under light.jpg
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    Hello Dleib001!
    Welcome to our Pearl Loving Community!
    Interesting find there! And as you have stated the stringing is definitively wrong. Looks as if the necklace snapped and the owner did a "quick & dirty" fix.
    The shape opf the pearls is the giveaway...there are round and ovals shapes there, so they look very real to me. But the lighting you used does not allow me to have a better look at the surface of the pearls (I see the reflected "halo" of your lamp). Maybe some more photos using indirect natural light, near a window by midday?
    Let's wait for our Pearl Experts for more information!
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    Hello and welcome to the forum, the pictures you have submitted are not clear.

    Having said that, the clasp looks vintage, and the box looks vintage too- everything looks to matchup so far, and clearer pictures will help resolve the identification. (Very good chance they will be salt water Akoya pearls).

    The strand has broken at some stage and that’s why it looks wrong- needs to be restrung.